domingo, 22 de junho de 2008

A Confusing Letter from Sean Johansson to Adrian A. Johansson after a big discussion

Without you I could be great and have what my lonely dreams have claimed reasonably. But, and there's always a 'but', I couldn't have found the happiness of being simple. Lisa is someone who completes us a great part' of us. I might have lost the marvellous feeling of being 'us'.
Some days ago I've gone for a walk and faced the hard truth: when I met you, in a way, I've got that we were to be linked at all. Admitting was another difficult work for me, specially if you remind that I had many plans of travelling and living abroad enjoying some freedom I've never had before. Thanks God we've conquered all these things together after.
Adrian, we're just a couple in love for some people. It's the kind of decision someone has to take for the benefit of both: to stay together, fight together. Work on our best wishes for turning them into something real. For a while, I've thought that you didn't decide completely and minded the possibility of going away.
Suddenly, I think you must have felt what was happening to me cause you surprised me out coming together to Seashore. Remember how 'just married' were we? All that chat your family had prepared when we've got to marry about the 'principles of well being' based on a 'social marriage' made me come alone and not to wait.
'Lady', I must tell you love from the loneliness. It fears us. Those days before the trip were terrible for me. I just have in my thoughts your father's words about 'being with an adventurer who thinks he is capable of marrying you and live in another country'... You didn't attend to the callings I phoned and preferred to be at their house for a time...
I believe you've felt me much more than these words can show you, but they are trying to make you understand the way you're important for me. Once you made me sure about your love, so did I work hard on proving you the same. Our little 'Lady' now can count with us, and you, my Love, you can do forever as well.
I hope from now on we could live together our own life in peace with our beloved daughter having no other misunderstanding again.

by all my hjerte,
Den Sean

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