quarta-feira, 11 de junho de 2008

When John Noblemann broke up with Lynne Priest a few years ago...

Having such a good fight doesn't mean such an extraordinary victory. You know what I've talked about... I wondered not to do what is to be done now. How hard must be to believe in someone who has fought more than a lot on giving you all you need, not what you want.
You mean needing much more than "wanting". You've always meant this way in many things I've just "needed" the opposite. Where I'd needed a river you'd asked me for a sea... Lady, I'm drought, not only "dry".
My best efforts were on the way you could be satisfied: you weren't! Every time I've made it clear I could do a walk you asked for a desperate running! No, in such a way, you've disrespected me and yourself. My limitations are my best strength, driving me to what I want. Your missing meanings are your worst enemies, taking from your hands every good thing you get.
I'm a working class man and I conquer all I've got for hard working and deserving. I'm a bit proud for that cause it's the skill describes me best. Hard working, efforts, deserving, honour. Love me is to know me and respect my limits.
You're not that who deserved what I've done in your favour. Let me be myself alone now. I was ill for your stupid needing. You need this, need that... you need everything but me.
Indeed I love myself again, and it's enough to say goodbye forever.

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patricia disse...

Oi João, aqui é a Patricia, sua antiga amiga do Dom Bosco...Adorei seu Blog!!!
Um grande beijo