quarta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2010

You've got the tickets to ride...


I mean this way I can touch your hearts in the same way you've done for the first time: in this language, so...

The best I could have told you all today was... thank you. Especially if you remeber I was "translating" my hert in the most of the times to some people I accostumed to deal as fellows. I used to try at least. I'm sure I'm not someone could make you all simply move in the name of a silly reason, as some are able to do. I've often spoken through my eyes much more than through my words in Portuguese with you.

Thanks for the patience on teaching a teacher a few lessons of living intensively as you've done. Your young souls are starving to live! I've got it from you how to live each day as the last one. Procrastinating sometimes... Anxiously in other moments... We've got motivation to something incredible: deciding and fighting for a great destiny. You were so great teachers I've changed my direction as well: I was admitted in a mastering course... after a couple of years of only dreaming of.

Many pitfalls were in our walk. It seemed to be impossible sometimes for our fatigue, lack of target... We're so often absent minded to face that each step we walk is the first and the last... But we've got it! Today was your last step at school, but my first one with you in my heart.

Today you've got the tickets, ride your souls to happiness, Fellows!

Goodbye for a while. Cheers sincerely,


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